A post on Facebook identified us as Xennials, a micro generation that exists between the Gen-Xers and the Millennials.  Jorrie Varney describes our generation as the last to grow up without technology and the first to embrace online dating, social media and texting in our twenties.  We possess the Gen X cynicism and the Millennial optimism and drive. We are a unique group.
We passed notes in high school and didn’t carry cell phones until college (if we were lucky enough to have one).  When we did get one, we only used it for emergencies.
We didn’t know what a selfie was.  We took 24 pictures and wouldn’t discover that half of them were blurry until two weeks later.
We didn’t have an endless source of entertainment.  We had a VCR and TV.  We understand the phrase “be kind, rewind” and watched all our favorite shows live because DVR was not a thing.  We never missed an episode of Friends, Saved by the Bell, and 90210 even if it meant fighting our siblings for control of the remote. 
* * *
That being said, welcome to 20 years!  Despite all the crazy changes, we made it and it’s time to celebrate!  So here are the details:
Millhouse Brewing Company, 289 Mill Street, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601
              We have reserved the 3rd Floor.  – “The Loft”
Saturday, June 16, 2018 from 6:00-9:00
This will be a Cocktail Style Event consisting of 2 hours of heavy hors d’oeuvres and offering two options for alcohol.
  1. Cash Bar option – pay as you go.
  2. Open Bar option –You will receive a wristband at the door allowing you 2 hours of open bar for beer, wine and liquor. The 3rd hour will be cash bar.   
$45.00 per person for the cash bar ticket.
$80.00 per person for the open bar ticket.
**The venue will need an accurate head count and payment in advance so the deadline to purchase your tickets is May 31st.**   
A Facebook page has been set up for our Class.  If you are not a part of the group, you may search MHS: Class of 1998.  Updates and general communication will be posted on the Facebook page.  We hope you can come and celebrate with us!

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